Customer Reviews

Flex-Stak Kit
We are very satisfied with this item. This was quickly delivered overseas!
08/08/2019Kazuhide Kamiya
ELAT - Hydrophilic Plain Cloth
Good quality.
08/05/2019Nuha Alhebshi
Type 316 Stainless Steel Wire Cloth - 12" x 12"
Good packaging.
08/05/2019Nuha Alhebshi
Nafion™ Membrane Variety Kit
Best choice for performance trials.
07/29/2019Serdar Erkan
Fumatech Anion Membrane Variety Kit
Best choice for performance trials.
07/29/2019Serdar Erkan
Teflon™ PTFE DISP 30 Fluoropolymer Dispersion
Great product. High quality for research!
07/22/2019Xiaofeng Feng
Fumasep FAS-30
5 stars product
07/10/2019Victor Leung
0.3 mg/cm² 40% Platinum on Vulcan - Carbon Cloth Electrode
Good quality and reproducibility of data
07/09/2019Fernando G
Fumasep FAS-PET-130
Received on time, as described on the website.
07/03/2019Anand Kumar
Nafion™ 117
Excellent quality. Excellent customer service. Item is shipped safely and securely and arrives in great condition.
07/03/2019Donald Kahaian
Sigracet 29 BC
I was very surprised at the fast delivery first. It was shipped within a week of ordering and we were able to receive it promptly The goods came exactly and the quality of the package and the product (Sigracet 29 BC) Sounds good. I will order it next time
06/20/2019Chan Sung Park
D2020 Nafion™ Dispersion - Alcohol based 1000 EW at 20 wt%
Thank you for your prompt delivery.
06/20/2019Hiromitsu Matsuda
Sigracet 29 AA
It has good conductivity. I used it for battery electrode and it works great.
05/31/2019Fantai Kong
Nafion™ Membrane Variety Kit
05/28/2019Murari Ramkumar
Fuel Cell H2/O2/Air
Great as usual!
05/28/2019Yung-Jui Chang