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Hydro Power

Hydro power is electricity produced from the movement of water.

In the late 1800's, hydro-power became a feasible method for generating electricity. Decent-sized bodies of water, such as streams or rivers with high elevation drops and high currents are the best candidates for hydro power. The current provides substantial energy, which is utilized when water pushes through the paddles of an installed turbine, creating mechanical energy. If hooked up to an electrical generator, the water-powered turbine will spin the generator, converting mechanical energy to electrical energy. Niagara Falls and the Hoover Dam are two examples of electricity produced in this fashion.

Hydroelectric power provides about 20% of the world's electricity.

Hydropower has seen a recent jump in popularity with the World Bank naming it as one viable solution to keep up with growing energy demands while simultaneously avoiding carbon and carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

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