Super Capacitor Science Kit

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The Horizon Super Capacitor Science Kit (FCJJ-35) introduces students to the extraordinary storage and power potential of the super capacitor. Create energy from the hand crank and monitor energy storage with a charge level indicator. Then demonstrate the energy density and power of the super capacitor by running a small fan module. With super capacitors an integral part of the automotive revolution currently changing the way we think about transport, this is the ideal kit to explore the principles of high density energy storage.


✔ Features hand crank, super capacitor, charge level indicator and load
✔ Super capacitor can be charged by hand crank, then used to power load
✔ Level indicator shows charge level of the super capacitor
✔ Comes with CD, experiments and curriculum
✔ UPC: 6942503405231

Experiments and Activities:

✔ Explore the concept of hand crank energy generation
✔ Explore the concept of super capacitor energy storage
✔ Power a fan with electrical energy from the super capacitor
✔ Power a fan with mechanical energy from the hand crank

Contents Include:

Hand crank generator
✔ Potentiometer
Super capacitor
Fan module
✔ Fan blade
✔ Capacitor base
✔ Capacitor support
Renewable Energy Curriculum CD

 Horizon Super Capacitor Science Kit Assembly Guide, FCJJ-35

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

NGSS Science and Engineering Practices

✔ Planning and Carrying Out Investigations
✔ Analyzing and Interpreting Data
✔ Using Mathematics and Computational Thinking
✔ Constructing Explanations and Designing Solutions
✔ Obtaining, Evaluating, and Communicating Information

NGSS Crosscutting Concepts

✔ Energy and Matter
✔ Structure and Function

NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas

✔ HS-PS1.A - Structure and Properties of Matter
✔ HS-PS3.B - Conservation of Energy and Energy Transfer

 The Hand Crank Generator S5 is a 6.3V, 0.2A manual-powered generator that simulates wind power through its rotary mechanical system. The hand crank can be connected to devices requiring small amounts of electricity.
 The super capacitor is perfect for demonstrating the storage and release of electricity produced by an alternative power source.
• Capacitor base
• Capacitor support
  The fan consists of three parts: Motor Base, Propeller Blade and Motor Connection. The motor fan is perfect for demonstrating the consumption of electricity produced by a fuel cell.
• Fan blade
 The Renewable Energy Science Education CD includes an E-textbook, assembly guides and an experiment manual complete with flash animations and technical support.
 Kit Accessories

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