Horizon Mini PEM Fuel Cell

Brand: Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies
Product Code: 810013


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PEM fuel cells for education purposes, created by a leading industrial fuel cell manufacturer.  Generate hydrogen using whichever Horizon kit you like and, once it’s applied to the fuel cell, stand back and watch as electricity is generated using nothing more than oxygen taken directly from the ambient air!

Several different types of devices can be commonly powered by the fuel cell such as small motors, LED lights, small water pumps, and other small electric devices requiring small amounts of power.  Use your imagination in engineering new devices and applications using the fuel cell as its power system.

Please note that according to the manufacturer, this product should not be operated for more than 1 hour continuously.


✔ High performance PEM fuel cell
✔ Converts hydrogen and oxygen into electricity and water
✔ Fully compatible with the Horizon education range

Contents Include:

✔ Mini PEM Fuel Cell
✔ Pins
Banana cables / connecting leads
Tube Clincher
✔ User Manual


• Output Voltage: 0.6 V DC
• Output Current: 0.45 A
• Power: 270 mW
• Dimensions: 1.3" x 1.3" x 0.7" (32 x 32 x 10 mm)
• Weight: 1 oz (27.3 g)

How much hydrogen does the Horizon Mini PEM Reversible Fuel Cell consume per minute (Hydrogen/min)?
Hydrogen consumption will depend on how much power you are drawing out of the fuel cell.  At full load (210 mW), the fuel cell will output 360 mA and 0.6V.  Fuel cells consume hydrogen at a rate of 7 mL/min/A, therefore this would consume about 2.5 mL/min at full load.

Need Extra Tubing? - 2mm inner diameter Silicon Tubing is a perfect fit for Horizon Educational products.

Need Hydrogen and Oxygen Storage Cylinders? - Get a pair of Horizon Education Cylinders.

Horizon Mini PEM Fuel Cell, FCSU-012 Classroom Instructions

How do I store the Mini PEM Fuel Cell when I am not using it?
It is highly recommended to place the PEM Fuel Cell inside an air-tight plastic bag, such as a “Ziploc Bag".  This will protect it when you are not using the kit.
Will the Mini PEM Fuel Cell be damaged if I switch up the positive and negative poles?
Yes, damage may result from the interchanging of the positive and negative poles on the Mini PEM Fuel Cell and the connected power supply.
I left my Mini PEM Fuel Cell out while not putting it in the Ziploc bag.  What should I do?
Leaving your Mini PEM Fuel Cell out while not in a Ziploc bag may cause the membranes in the fuel cell to dry out.  The membranes in the PEM fuel cell are to be used only when they are hydrated.  Inject water only into the positive (oxygen) side of fuel cell and allow it to soak for 3 minutes.  The membranes will be damaged if connected to a solar panel or power supply when dry.

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