30 mL Storage Cylinders (2)

Brand: Horizon Fuel Cell Americas
Product Code: 7110307


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These two storage cylinders, one for hydrogen and one for oxygen, can be used to store 30 milliliters (mL) of hydrogen and oxygen to be used to power a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) or any other application requiring gasses.

Contents Include:

✔ 2 x Cylindrical Beakers
✔ 2 x Inner Containers

Need Extra Tubing? -  Horizon's 2mm Inner Diameter Silicon Tubing is a perfect fit for the 30mL Storage Cylinders.

How Do They Work?

Step 1) Fill the two cylindrical beakers with distilled water until the water level reaches zero.

Step 2) Place the two inner containers into the cylindrical beakers (make sure the side openings on the inner container is not blocked by the inner ring on the beakers), the distilled water from the beaker will fill out the inner container at this point.

Step 3) Connect two long tubes to the inner container on each of the beakers corresponding to oxygen and hydrogen on the fuel cell. (Make sure there is no air in the inner containers)

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